SportsSys Football Management System (FMS) is a very innovative and comprehensive solution, which is simply second to none. The system has been developed in close co-operation with the Danish Football Association, DBU. SportsSys FMS is a comprehensive administration system customized to administer all data and processes in a football organization, e.g.:

• Person management (Players, coaches, referees, agents, users, etc.)
• Clubs and organization management (Clubs, teams, stadiums, associations, etc.)
• Competition management and Match reports (Tournaments, leagues, game-plans, matches, scores, etc.)
• Discipline management (Bookings and suspensions, etc.)
• Management for clubs and referees (Access to own data for clubs and referees)
• National team management (Team information, squad information, match information, etc.)
• Education management (Courses, participants, instructors, etc.)
• Sponsorship management (Sponsor information, sponsor types, etc.)
• Match fixing barometric (Based on certain parameters the system indicates a risk of match fixing)
• Fan management (Fan registration, match and player ratings, match predictions, etc.)
• Reporting (Advanced reports, Extended matchreports, etc.)
• Apps (Matchprograms, scores, matchreports, etc.)
• And more...


Our FMS solution is a configurable, modular software solution that is easy to implement and use. We have prioritized a modular solution because we believe in delivering a solution which fits the needs of our clients. Furthermore the solution is scalable, multilingual and very robust. In this way we are able to focus more on the needs and challenges - and to create real value - rather than merely solving technological problems.

SportsSys Football Management System is a web-based application, which means that no pre-installation of client software is necessary in order to gain access to the system and data. Access simply requires an internet connection, a password and a user name. The system is based on the ASP.NET technology from Microsoft, is very flexible and can easily be customized to fit the specifications and individual requirements of any football organization. In addition, the system complies with all standards and recommendations from FIFA and UEFA.

The web-based technology has the specific advantage that all maintenance or changes to the application can be updated centrally and automatically made available to all system users. Furthermore we deliver mobile apps for both iPhone, Android and Windows that use data from the FMS.