Here you will find general information about SportsSys


SportsSys is a leading provider of sports software solutions. With offices in both Thailand and Denmark, and partnerships around the world, we provide software solutions to clients world-wide.

We deliver configurable, modular software solutions that are easy to implement and allow us to get straight to the point. This means that we can provide a solution that fits the needs of our clients. We develop IT platforms that encourage new thinking, streamlining and preventative measures with demands for knowledge and expertise which go beyond the purely technical. SportsSys' employees have many years of experience and a deep insight into sports and the challenges faced by federations, clubs, coaches, players, etc.

At SportsSys we don't just give you a competent provider of IT solutions, but also a well-qualified sparring-partner with an insight and understanding of your goals and challenges.


SportsSys was founded in 1999 in Denmark by John Conrad Jensen with the vision to develop a football management system, "FMS", designed to be flexible in function and scale to match football federations with different structures and sizes all over the world. During its development, SportsSys had one goal in mind, that is to provide any football federation with a software tool that enables it to easily use, manage and control its data used for the administration of the federation with SportsSys' football management system.

Today we provide software solutions to many different sports organizations and clubs, e.g. Football, Handball, Basketball, Volleyball, Floorball, American Football, etc.


John Conrad Jensen is CEO of SportsSys. John is the founder of SportsSys and has more than 10 years experience in developing sports software solutions.


For further information please contact
CEO - John Conrad Jensen
Email: john@sportssys.com


Head of development - Stefan Siig
Mobile: +45 3033 4477
Email: stefan@sportssys.com